Johanna’s Story Part 2: It Hit Home

I attended the READ Center Spelling Bee. The speaker was a READ Center student who had struggled with reading throughout his childhood. I listened to the M.C. read out some of his struggles and how it hit home for me, a student also at the READ Center.590x300_closeup-profile-of-a-woman-praying-in-silhouette-isolated

I can relate to having to settle with a low paying job because of my reading. I took a job working with kids because of their ages and I didn’t have to read to them. I have been working at my job for 23 years.

Into my sixth year, I was asked to work in a higher position. I explained to them that I had a reading problem and they said that was fine, so I got the job, which I loved so much. In about a year and a half, the person I was working with started telling people I had a reading problem. So I decided to go back to my low paying job to avoid embarrassment. That is when I decided to come back to the READ Center. 

I can say the people here at the READ Center have helped me a lot. With the READ Center help, I have opened up to some of my friends at work, and they are very understanding and helpful. So, if I am having difficulty reading something or spelling something at work, I have someone to go to.

With my coming out at work, I was able to be tested for dyslexia. Tests verified that I was dyslexic. So, thanks to the READ Center, I am coming out slowly, telling people I have to deal with. If I have to fill out forms at the doctor’s office, I now can ask for help. But I still have a long way to go. 

– Johanna

Johanna continues to work at The READ Center as a classroom assistant helping students with their reading issues. Her reading skills continue to improve.

It Hit Home was one of the articles that appeared in the Summer 2016 Student Voice, a publication for and by Students of the READ Center. To read more articles, click  here.


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