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International Volunteer Day: A Celebration

December 5th is recognized by the United Nations as International Volunteer Day. To celebrate, we’re giving all of our current and past tutors a gift: a Facebook group! Without our volunteer tutors, READ could not exist. If you’re a soon to be tutor who just joined us for Orientation, we celebrate you. If you’re a tutor that has been volunteering with us for several years, we celebrate you. If you’re a former tutor that has moved on to other great...

READ Center tutor and student

Just Two Hours a Week Can Change a Life

A glimpse of the impact volunteer tutors have on our students’ lives… Success stories from our classes “Alicia’s goals were to improve her reading, enhance her writing, increase her word knowledge, and possibly enroll in a college course. Since coming to class, she reports that she feels better about her reading ability. She stated she is no longer uncomfortable presenting information to her work colleagues. She is working on enrolling in her first college class this fall.” “Allan wanted to read to his...