Last week was National Teacher Appreciation Week. During the week READ Center teachers were recognized by READ board members and management with flowers, gift cards and other gifts. Below is a poem from COABE Region 2 Representative Tracy Noles that we posted on our Facebook page.  These kind and appropriate words demonstrate the impact READ teachers have on our students. We thought it was worth another read and another day of recognition for all READ Center teachers do.

You’re just an adult education teacher,
It’s what you do each day,
You think there’s nothing to it, right?
There’s nothing more to say.
But from your students’ eyes,
You are so much more,
You help them break through barriers,
You help them open doors.
You start the morning coffee,
You make them feel at home,
So they can take the risk to learn
Outside their comfort zone.
You help expand horizons,
And forge new paths ahead.
That road is not always easy,
But you support them to the end.
Expectations are set high,
While the budgets can dip low,
But you adapt in style,
While students come and go.
You’re just an adult education teacher,
There’s so much more to say,
You’re a superhero, a life-changer,
And we celebrate you today!

You’re “just” an adult education teacher, but we know – as do your students and tutors – that you are so much more! Thank you READ Center teachers for ALL you do!! To see pictures of READ teachers with their gifts click here for the READ Facebook page.