by Kim

The time was right! I called the READ Center and made an appointment. That was the beginning of me learning how to read and write. I was very excited about the idea of learning how to read. I didn’t know it would be so hard for me. I look at people and listen to them and I say to myself, “boy they are lucky because they can learn easily.”

So, let me tell you all about it. Well, it is not easy to do but it is worth it. I’ve been working with my teacher/tutor for 8 months. She is very good. Sometimes I have good days with my lessons when everything is going well for me. I am happy because I feel like I’m getting it. Some days I feel frustrated and I want to give up. I get so mad at myself. Then I realize I can’t give up. I’m not a person who gives up quickly so I keep pushing on. It’s okay to have these feelings.

Today I know anything I put my mind on I can do. I am reading and writing pretty well. Now I can even read the TV guide and the information about the programs. I am proud of myself but I still have a long way to go. So everyone who is like me, who is in my shoes, don’t give up!

This article is from the latest edition of the Student Voice.

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