This is an exciting time of the year. The READ Center fall semester has begun with students, volunteer tutors and teachers beginning classes. We are all energized by possibilities of a new academic year and new plans for READ.

Before we completely turn to the promise of 2019-2020, a moment of reflection and gratitude is warranted.  The READ Center had a good 2018-2019 as detailed in our Annual Report and thanks are deserved to many for the success.

Thank you to all the students who had the courage and commitment to come to The READ Center. Thank you for your hard work and tenacity. As you read through the Annual Report you will see students who achieved job certifications, got jobs, helped children with homework’ improved their confidence and self-esteem. The achievement of a student’s personal literacy goals is the heart of READ’s program.

Thank you to the volunteers who support The READ Center. 103 volunteer tutors gave more than 5,000 hours of time and care to help READ Center students. That does not include the training and professional development they attend. Their dedication to READ’s mission of changing lives through adult literacy is proven by an 89% retention rate.

Thank you READ Center board of directors. This often-unsung group of volunteers gives their time, resources and guidance to make sure The READ Center stays true to its mission, is well run and has the financial resources it needs. They worked together this year to craft a new mission, vision and values statement for READ that clearly and succinctly reflects our who we are and what we do. It better represents an organization that is looking forward and building for the future.

Thank you to The READ Center staff. Our teachers are professional, innovative and creative. There are many challenges in teaching adults to read. They continue to look for new ways to help students and new resources to spark interest and a love of reading.

Thank you! Without your support, The READ Center could not provide the much-needed adult literacy services to our community. Please read The READ Center student comments in the Annual Report to see what your support of READ has meant to them, what you have helped them to do and how you made them feel. Again, thank you.

As we begin 2019-2020, READ Center students are coming back to classes. There are already 100 registered! The READ Teacher Kick-Off meeting was held last week with sharing of ideas and resources. The READ Center board will meet next week and bring their personal commitments to READ. Volunteer tutor orientation will begin this week with training next month.

We will continue to keep you up to date on new space for READ. Finding a location that brings staff, classes, and space for one-to-one tutors together is a priority for the READ Board and staff. A new site will bring the challenge of a capital campaign for improvements but will also mean great, new opportunities to serve students and their families.

We are excited and hope you are too. Your continued support of The READ Center is appreciated and needed. Thank you to all who have helped and supported The READ Center in the past. As we look forward, we know the best is yet to come for The READ Center and our students.