While READ Center students may struggle with reading and writing, their stories in the Student Voice express their ideas, hopes and dreams very clearly. Here is a look back at a few articles written by READ Center students that have appeared in The Student Voice over the years.

What is change?  
by Jessica
Change is something different from what is. For example Africa-American heroes like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and also our President Bolrack Obama made changes but as we go forward things seem to be going backwards There are so many bad decisions that are suppsed to be protecting us. Some decisions are making african americans feel scared and clueless. It’s more young black kids getting killed than it was back then.  ~Summer 2015 

Learning How to Read  
by David A.

This story is about the read center.  When I started here I was not reading but I can read some.  When I first came here I did not know my vowels but I know some of them.  Now I’m learning how to read and write beter.  I feel happy, I finally found the read center.  I have a wonderful teacher, she has patience.  Every time I come to class, I see progress further reading.  I will not give up. ~ Winter 2012 

If I had all the money in the world  
by B. J.
If I had all the money in the world, I will travel the world to different parts of it. When I finished that, going to spend time with kids in the hospital. Then after that finish up My school career. – Winter 2016

Please visit our news page to read more Student Voice articles. For most READ students, the Student Voice is the first time they see their writing published. Each one is unique and written with great hope, determination and pride.