While READ Center students may struggle with reading and writing, their stories in the Student Voice express their ideas, hopes and dreams very clearly. Here is a look back at a few articles written by READ Center students that have appeared in The Student Voice over the years.

This reading center
by Romi
This reading center has helped me drastically I haven’t learned this much since I went to school. The reason I came here is to improve my readings skills. In 2005 I had gotten very ill and hospitalized for almost over a year. With all of the medicine they gave me it messed with my head and education a little. I couldn’t read the same again. So I found the reading center I started to come here. All of the teachers have been helpful to me. I will still need more practice to become a perfectionist but so far what I have achieved I haven’t don’t [done] in so long. -Summer 2015

The Bird
by H.Q.
If I could be an animal, I would be a hummingbird because it is very pretty and colorful. I want to be this bird because it likes flowers and so do I. Also I like the songs it sings. -Summer 2015

Read is about speech
by Bobbie Moore
I did not know how to read for many years. Some of the years I get good job but I do not know how to read. So I was scared to talk to people becouse i can not read in it is scared it talk to and anybody. be couse the words is not proper speech. But I good to the read center for two years it have inproved a little bit I no to talk civilived words. It is a good feeling to talk to other people with out scared. It make me feel good to talk a where some respect in me becouse the big scared gooding [going] awaya little bet it Feels better I do not no how good it is to talk so good. -October 2013

Please visit our news page to read more Student Voice articles. For most READ students, the Student Voice is the first time they see their writing published. Each one is unique and written with great hope, determination and pride.