The Student Voice is READ’s newsletter for and by students. For many READ students, The Student Voice marks the first time they’re seeing their stories in print. Their words will make you think, laugh, cry, and cheer. Here are just a few stories that have been shared over the years:

Life In A Child Eyes!
by Brenda M.
There is no fear in a child’s eyes. Everything sparkles and shines in their eyes. Looking in their eyes you see lots of joy, happiness and lots of fun. And how they think life is supposed to be. Playing games, watching cartoons, and eating junk. Being messy and no responsibility. And I MISS BEING A CHILD ALL fun!
Appeared in Fall 2013

I Know Poor
by Elnora
I know what it is like to be poor. I also know what it is like to have nothing. When my family was poor we didn’t eat three meals a day. We had breakfast and we didn’t have anymore food until later that day. In other words we ate twice a day. Now we can eat all day; that is three meals a day. When we were poor we did not wear shoes everyday. We always had shoes for Sunday school and cool weather. When our spring water died up we walk about two miles to get drinking water and water for cooking. Our toilet was about one half mile outside the house.
Time has sure changed me. Now everything is inside the house. Food is plentiful now and I have shoes on everyday.
Appeared in Fall 2013

by H.W.
I imagine myself writing a story about helping lost people. For those who need a word of encouragement I would let them know that life is not as bad as they think it is. I have a word from Jesus to let them know that he loves them. If they believe in him, life is worth living, and that’s good new!
Appeared in Summer 2015


Stories are lightly edited, but are in our students’ own words. Visit our news page to read more Student Voice stories.