Happy National Compliment Day! This is not an “official” holiday and it will probably not be recognized by many people. However, The READ Center is celebrating today.

What is Compliment Day? According to the Holidays Calendar website, the “… purpose of this holiday is to say something nice to your friends, family, and co-workers. After all, giving out compliments not only makes the receiver happy and helps build up trust between that person and you, but studies have shown that giving out compliments also has a beneficial effect on the person giving out the compliment. In other words, give out a compliment and you may make yourself happy as well.”

Let’s start by complimenting the READ Center staff. The results from the first semester are in, and they are good! More than 100 students were served, many are showing progress on their assessments, student evaluations showed they are happy with their classes, teachers and tutors, and new educational initiatives (financial literacy and health literacy programs) are coming before the 2017-2018 academic year is finished. The READ staff has worked very hard and READ has achieved a lot in just one semester. Way to go, READ Center staff! Great job by a group of hard-working, creative, knowledgeable and dedicated people! Woohoo!

To all READ Center volunteers, you are kind, giving and generous with your time and expertise. READ volunteer tutors are amazing people who help to change lives through your dedication and commitment. We say it all the time, but it never gets old, thank you! You are the best!

READ Center students: your bravery, dedication and commitment to improving your life is powerful.

It is inspirational. Jenny, the working mother of two who attends READ classes when she gets off work from her job at a local restaurant, wants to get a better job and be able to support her children’s education. John, a young father with a warehouse job, need to pass one more section of his GED test so he can get a better job and improve his family’s life. Vickie, who helps children in her community, students at READ Center and her family (many of whom struggle with literacy), continues to improve her literacy skills so she can do more for others.

There are as many stories are there are READ students. To all of our students, we compliment your strength and resolve in taking the first steps toward your goals of better jobs and improved lives. The READ Center stands ready to help you reach your goals.

The research is right. It makes me happy to compliment my colleagues, READ volunteers and tutors. I am proud to be part of The READ Center and work with such dedicated and caring people.

Is there someone who’s doing a great job at your office? Did you tell your mother that she is a great cook or a great Mom? Did you tell your children that they are smart, pretty, handsome, kind, generous or a good reader? There is still time to compliment the people in your life. I recommend it. It really does make you happy. It made me happy.

The READ Center Executive Director