Thank you to everyone who donated to READ on Giving Tuesday. Between online fundraising and t-shirt sales, we raised over $1,915 in a single day! That translates into:

30 LitStart manuals for our tutors.

LitStart is the cumulative product of decades of tutoring, tutor training, program coordination, and research involving a network of thousands of people. It provides READ tutors with the strategies and background necessary to work with adults in reading, writing, and speaking English.

Or, 50 Challenger Adult Workbooks for READ students.

The Challenger Adult Reading Series is an enduring, accessible collection of highly readable texts and targeted exercises to enhance the impact of each lesson for adult learners.

Or,  it gives 18 students access and training to use an online reading app. 

Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in the era of distance learning. READ students, tutors, and teachers engage a wide variety of methods, such as Google classrooms, to assist students as they learn to read and to use the internet.

Or, it covers a year-long subscription to News for You for 35 students.

News for You  is a weekly publication for adult learners that uses current events and human interest stories to engage learners’ interest while building skills in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and more. READ uses it weekly in some of its classes.

Want to be a part of READ’s mission? Make a difference in someone’s life today by becoming a READ tutor!

You can show your support for literacy and equity by purchasing a READ Center t-shirt.