Twice each year The READ Center publishes The Student Voice with stories written by READ Center students. Research shows when students receive writing instruction, their reading fluency and comprehension improves. While writing helps with critical literacy skills, it also gives students the opportunity to express their ideas, opinions, hopes, feelings, and creativity.

In the Spring 2018 Student Voice, one of the most read stories has been Diki the Dinosaur. Diki was written by READ student Stephen S., a talented storyteller and gifted artist. Diki’s story has been acted out in READ classrooms with squeaky roars and chasing of butterflies.  The creativity and wonder of the story has been shared and enjoyed throughout the READ community. We hope you enjoy reading Diki the Dinosaur and the many other wonderful stories in The READ Center Student Voice.

Diki the Dinosaur
By Stephen S.

Diki the Dinosaur lives in a primal land. Diki used 2 sticks to make the fire, but one stick broke and it’s no good. He used a rock to make a fire. Diki use his claws to scratch the rock. It worked and we now have a campfire. Diki came home to think. He has a brave little brain. Diki was talking to the mirror and said, “ are you having a hard time?” Diki shook his head and said “No”. Diki had an idea. It’s time for a roar lesson. Diki the Dinosaur started to roar, “Roar!” But he squeaked. His roar won’t work. He used his roaring exercise and all of a sudden, he tooted. It’s time for a potty break. Diki the Dinosaur rushed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. A butterfly came thru the window while the other butterfly was knocking at the door. Diki opened the bathroom door and saw it was a butterfly. But Diki had an idea. He went outside and started chasing the two butterflies,  “I’m the predator hear me “roar” said Diki the Dinosaur. He squeaked as he was chasing the butterflies. All of a sudden he started tumbling down the hill. Diki the Dinosaur gives up and say’s “Better luck next time.”


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