Q: What is the hottest game show in Richmond that also supports a great cause?
A: The READ Center’s Great Richmond Trivia Bee!

The Trivia Bee is a team-based competition for people who love words, vocabulary, pop culture, history, literature, and showing off how smart they are. To keep the spirit of the Trivia Bee alive during the pandemic, we’re gathering virtually for a night of gaming fun! Since this year’s event is a warm-up for next spring, we thought it would be fun to travel through time and take a photo journey to past Trivia Bees .

The first stop is 2017. Back when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, we kicked off the first annual trivia bee. Prior to 2017 READ did a Spelling Bee, which was also a lot of fun but needed an update.  The PBS Nerds reigned as the first Great Richmond Trivia Bee champs.


In 2018,  we hit the Hippodrome stage ready to bring the fun a second time around. Team Richmond Times Dispatch took the winning spot!


Our last in person event to date was in 2019. Last year’s trivia bee was like none other! Not only were we graced with an appearance from historical fan favorites like The Founding Fathers and Kat Simons of Mix 98.1, but we were also joined by Nutsy the squirrel! The winner of the 2019 Trivia Bee was team Captech.


Tonight, we’re continuing the Trivia Bee tradition, but with a twist. The READ Center will host 50 trivia teams for a virtual pre-season event. We’re excited to reconnect with everyone and are hoping we can see everyone  in person next year.