The READ Center spent the evening of September 25th celebrating literacy with our friends, students, and supporters. READ Between the Wines 2019 was filled with stories about the importance of adult literacy and the triumphs of our students. The celebration opened with a welcome from Board President, Nora Crouch. Mayor Levar Stoney then delivered an opening address, in which he discussed the importance of adult literacy and the effects low literacy has had on his family and our community. Following his speech, students took the stage to give READ supporters insight into how adult literacy classes have helped them.

For many of the students, the night was an opportunity to share how far they had come since joining READ and how improved literacy has empowered them in various aspects of their lives. See what some of our students had to say:

One student was asked what his motivation was to continue improving his literacy. In part of his response, he said, “My goal is to help those people who cannot help themselves.”

Another student, Hazel, talked about what READ and literacy have meant to her life. She said, “Before READ, I lived by the motto ‘fake it till you make it.’ I always faked it, but because of The READ Center, now I MAKE it!”

A third student discussed the hardships of her life and how she’s triumphed over them. In a moment of reflection, she added, “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, and I guess I’m one of those soldiers.”

Lincoln, giving an answer during his class interview, praised his class and his teacher, Don Wilms. “I thank Don for everything he did showing me how to read. I am real happy here.”

All in all, 21 students spoke to the crowd of more than 100 people. They sat on class interview panels and answered questions about their classes, teachers, and more. In addition to answering interview questions, students presented book reports, poems, and personal stories.

To see pictures from the event, visit our READ Between The Wines page.

The READ Center is changing lives through adult literacy. For more information on how you can get involved with the READ Center, consider volunteering as a tutor or donating. If you or someone you know would like more information about joining our classes, learn how to become a student or call 804-288-9930.