Throwback! READ students were prompted in class to write about their ‘favorites.’ These entries were part of the Student Voice published in winter 2017. See what the students had to say, and check out the most recent Student Voice here.

My Favorite Color by Samuel P.

My favorite color is brown.  I like wearing brown because I feel it compliment my completion.  Some of the things I gave purchansed that are brown are a car, shoes, suits, ties, coats, dark brown for nature picture frames, and much more.

My Favorite TV Shows by Shawna L.

My favorite TV shows are Young and Restless and General Hospital because I used to watch them with my grandmother and mother.  Also you can stop watching it for awhile and pick up watching it later on down the line.

My Favorite Place by Audrey J.

My favorite place would be my reading class.  I never liked to read or read out loud.  This class might be the level I need to start at.  It inspires me a lot.  The teachers are awesome. They take their time with us, have compassion and patience.

My Personality by Jasmine

My favorite part of my personality is my smile.  I am happy all the time.  I like to make people smile.

My Personality is my Favorite Part of Me by D.P.

People enjoy spending time with me because of my up beat personality.  With me the glass is always half full instead of half empty.  It’s always my goal to surround myself with people of like personality.  I have found that positive people always invite each other into their space.  People enjoy my winning smile. It seems to bring the best out in people.

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