Last year, waiting for our Silver Sneakers class to begin, a classmate and I were discussing volunteer work.  She said her husband volunteered with the READ Center.  I expressed interest.  She got me the contact information and I signed up for a training class.  I was hooked.  Unfortunately, shortly after the training, coronavirus hit and I paused my involvement.  I followed up in the fall of 2020 with a second training class and soon got started tutoring one-on-one through Zoom.

I am so glad I did.  I was matched with a fascinating young woman who is driven to improve her life.  She is motivated to get her driver’s license, get a better job, and help with her son’s schooling.  She works full time and has a four year old child, but she still manages to find time to do her homework and make improvement.

I love it when she gets excited about some of the reading assignments.  After just a few sessions, she is doing practice on-line Learner’s Permit tests – and she has taught me a thing or two about Zoom along the way!

At first, I was concerned that I would be unequal to the job.  But I find that if I keep educating myself, tweaking my lesson plans, following my student’s lead, and remaining flexible, we make progress.  To my relief, I found I can depend on Chris Miller for needed guidance.

I really look forward to working with my student in person.  I hope that the READ Center and I share a bright future.


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