A friend told me about the Read Center, and since I am retired, I was looking for a volunteer opportunity that would be fun for me and helpful to someone who is struggling with reading.  I  love to read; I belong to a book club, and reading has been a big part of my life since I was small. It is hard for me to think that some among us can’t read street signs or restaurant menus.
My training at the center on Church Hill on a snowy day in January was helpful, and I volunteered to observe at the downtown library the following week. I loved the classes we had at the library. The class was so eager to learn, and we had fun working together.
When the library closed because of the pandemic, and we began to tutor by phone, my student was very faithful in calling me.  He kept me motivated, and in the game. I hope that we can get back to the library, but in the meantime, we are meeting on Google Meet, and that seems to be going well.


The Read program has been a great experience for me.


The READ Center believes everyone needs and deserves a literate life. If you are reading this article, YOU have the power to help someone struggling with literacy.  To learn more about becoming an adult literacy tutor, please visit https://readcenter.org/volunteer-opportunities/.