Twice yearly READ releases Student Voice, a publication authored entirely by and for students of The READ Center. Below are a few heartwarming excerpts from students who chose to write about their tutors and teachers:

Grateful, by Deborah

“I am so grateful for the Read Center and my tutor. We have the best time when we meet and she is so dedicated to the me and I really appreciate her. I look forward to meeting with her weekly and we cover so much during our session. She’s a blessing to me. Thank you all for your dedication to the organization.”

Great Teacher, by Kent

“My teacher’s name is Janet. She works very hard to teach us how to read. She is very creative on getting material for us to learn. She has very good teaching skills. I learn so much from her classroom. She is one of the best teachers that I ever had. I want to say thank you Janet for all your hard work. And may God bless you.”

Thank You, by Calvin

“I am glad that the READ Center helps me learn to read. I also like my tutors. My teacher’s name is Don. I liked it when we went to the museum. I would like to go to the canal trip. I would like to thank the READ Center for all they have done for me.”

My Feelings About Being In Class, by Reginald

“I am feeling happy that I will be in class tonight. I will read the book and answer all of the questions, too. I will read the newspaper, and also I will work on the computer. I am doing good while I am working on the worksheet. I feel happy that I get all of the right answers on the worksheet.”

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