The virus has basically shut down the world, all schools and colleges have been closed for the rest of the year. The college kids are doing their work online. Elementary and high schools kids are being home schooled by their parents or older siblings.

The schools have provided laptops to all the kids to keep up with their school work. Teachers have also set up a website for the kids to do their day to day work. Television programs has also been set up for them from RVA Schools. Many people are working from home to be safe from the virus. People are dying left and right every day. It seems to have hit the nursing homes the hardest.

There are new body counts every day more and more people are exposed to the covid-19 virus because people are not listening to the mail. “If you don’t need to go out stay in the house.” If you do you need to cover your face with something.

This VIRUS has also put a toll on how grocery store and local stores. All the stores are selling out of toilet paper, paper towels and sanitizer and baby wipes.

This virus has been bitter sweet for me. I have been laid off from work. Is sitting around waiting for someone to tell you what to do outrageous? We can’t go outside without wearing a mask. But I have been spending a lot of time with my daughter by staying the house.

For myself I am a student here at the READ Center. We have current shut down due to the covid-19 virus. I am working at home also to keep up with my reading. I have received The News for You in the mail from the Read Center which is a small clipping article from the newspaper to help us understand what’s going on in the world. I also have some workbooks to work on from the center to get me through this hard time. If I run in to problems I can call the center to get help from someone. So just know if you need help the Read Center is always here to help. So let’s practice social distance and wear your mask when going out this virus is very serious so stay safe.

V.E., READ Center Student