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Order ambien online from Somewhere in the world a group of people are working hard to protect the environment - but at a cost of their own safety and wellbeing. In this series, BBC News takes a look at how they do it. It's a small building and the man making his home in it is quiet - even as he describes the lengths and others go to protect the environment. "What I'm doing - it's about taking care of my land and protecting the I live on by being a little bit different," he says of his unusual occupation. Mr Jowel is part of an innovative group land and environment Ambien 10mg 60 pills US$ 270.00 US$ 4.50 protection activists cheap ambien from canada called Naturiste Netherlands, which exists to create and maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Image caption Liana and her husband have made some environmentally-minded modifications to their garden And he is not alone in his cause. Naturist - as opposed to nudist lifestyle refers mostly those who enjoy the benefits of some sort lifestyle free from any form of clothing. Those not a natural-born saunter around in the buff say term is a loaded word. "I grew up in the UK and I think word is a derogatory term," says Liana, from the eastern German town of Friesland. "I don't think a nudist does anything, that's not him. Someone who is a Naturist does things and I think a lot of us do things, but I don't think a Naturist is nudist." Image caption Liana and her husband still wear a few clothes - in couple of cases the only clothes on their own body She grew up a traditional nudist - she had long dark hair and a short skirt - but as an adult decided to embrace a more natural look. "I thought it was important to be able use my body more than just me," she says. "I want to be able get out of my house without looking like I'm trying to cover myself - or that I'm trying to change something in the house." And she is clearly committed to her work. "It's important to me that people are aware of the choices we can choose to be aware of in the choices we make for our personal life," says Liana. "It's important in a world which doesn't have too many people on the earth that we know there is alternative ways - and I can't say enough about what the environmental aspect is about." She is also keen to help others. Image caption The couple have changed a few things about their home, from making less use of plastic to investing in solar energy systems "I do that by giving people an opportunity to know about Naturism," she says. And she makes it clear that is not necessarily against clothing - just the practice that often goes along with it. "I'm also a Naturist and I wear jeans, but them because they make me feel good - I don't wear them because must some Where can i buy phentermine hcl 37.5 mg outfit that makes me look or feel good," she argues. "I wear them because it's a nice feel, I feel good. "I'm sure you have heard of some other lifestyles, you know, yoga, the vegan lifestyle and whatnot. It's all nice - and important for our own health and bodies - but in of itself, it doesn't prevent you from doing bad things which make a lot of us sick or unhealthy. "I'm so used to the idea that you have a certain kind of thing that makes you different and you're told that you can only do certain things." Liana is one of more than 60 Naturiste Netherlands members who have volunteered to be interviewed for this series. These people have shared their passion to protect nature in different ways, with some spending years setting aside time to plant trees and others buying into organic farming and raising animals in a more compassionate way. Image caption Naturists are very aware about their health and that of the planet; in a sense they are part of the solution on so many levels Naturistes Dutch are part of the Naturist Netherlands Foundation, which is set up in 2004 by the country's minister of culture and the environment. It manages what the organisation describes as a "global network of more than 40 Naturist communities" spread across six countries generic ambien from canada and aims to ensure their "shared values and lifestyle are reflected in their everyday lives". These values include the understanding that people are their surroundings, the preservation of clean water and the preservation of "natural systems". "There are many people today who believe that climate change is just the in temperatures of planet, but we do not believe so,"

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