Dewin is a student of several years in my class.  She is originally from Liberia and fled with her family to our country to seek refuge. She became a naturalized citizen a few years ago. Dewin works in housekeeping and her job schedule changes based on several factors, such as school schedules.  We have been working via phone since classes stopped at the church where our class meets.  Her schedule allows us to work together from 11:00 – 12:00pm or 12:00 – 1:00pm.

Dewin usually needs to be at her job by 2:30pm to be tested for COVID-19.  This week her schedule changed.  She asked me to call her at 12:00pm to work on her reading during her lunch/break time. I asked her if she wanted to stop at 12:45 to have a few minutes to herself and she insisted that we work until 1:00pm on the dot.  I reminded Dewin that she must eat lunch during this time, as well as study.

Dewin was prepared with the lesson packet that was mailed to her. She even sent me a text picture of the answers to the comprehension questions so that I could  read her answers and review her writing. Her reading, writing, and English speaking are continueing to improve with the phone instruction.

What a dedicated and motivated woman. Dewin inspires me.

Carolyn, READ Center Teacher, Seventh Street Christian Church class