READ students were asked the question, “Is good cheer contagious?” They wrote their responses and published them as part of the Spring 2020 edition of the Student Voice! Below is a sample of their answers. You can read the rest of their answers, and the entire Student Voice, here.

Is Good Cheer Contagious?

By Harry T.
Yes, I think good cheer is contagious. I am polite to people and give them respect by being friendly. If I do that, then people might start doing the same thing. People are set in their own ways and sometimes it’s hard for them to change. When people see you smiling and being friendly, sometimes it will rub off on them. I always respect people. It doesn’t matter if people refuse to respect me or not.

By Marie G.
Yes, I do think that good cheer is contagious. The reason is when I pass by someone and give them a smile, they immediately smile back. Also, when I say “hi,” they smile and say “hi” back. This makes me feel good because they have responded with joy.

By Adrian S.
Yes good cheer is contagious because when someone see you do something nice to another person they want to do something nice as well.

By Shawna L.
I work Security so if I’m sitting at the security desk, I run in to lot of people with different types of moods and personalities. We are supposed to greet everybody that comes in the James Center with a smile. We have some people stop to talk to us and walk away with a smile. They always say “Thank you for being here”.

By Janine
Yes. When a person is in good cheer it can become contagious.
Like for instance one day I was kind of down and my friend Shawna was in a good mood, and told me to snap out of it. So then she told me some of her corny jokes. They’re not really funny but they make me laugh. At times when she is down I make her laugh with my jokes, but my jokes are

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