The Student Voice, a publication by READ Center students and for READ Center students, is published twice each year.  Writing is hard for READ Center students, often harder than learning to read. However, our students take great pride in creating their articles for The Student Voice. Here are excerpts from past Student Voice editions. A new edition will be published later this month. Enjoy!

Reading is Self Confidence Through Life  By J. T.

Sharing knowledge and helping other people to have a better life

The hardest thing about going back to school was  the first day.

The second hardest thing was to learn the vowels.

Once I learned about them, the words got easier. Now I can learn to read.  I have more confidence in myself.  I can find my way around the city.  I can read my bible.  I can share my experience with other people.

My Choice by B. F.

Life is a combination of choices.  One of my choices was to better myself by joining the reading classes.  It has helped me to pronounce words and to seek out other words that I might not have tried to use. I thank the tutors for their patience and willingness to help with a glad heart. It means a lot to me, being a student.

The Importance of Education  by P. W.

My name is Pat.  I have been in the Reading Center for about a month or two.  I have met wonderful people there who have patience.  It is hard to try to work the hours that I work but I have not given up.  Education is important to have during this time.  When I was growing up, education didn’t matter much.  I see so many young folks throw their life away and not taking a chance to get their education.  These days you need education just to be a janitor.  I advise anyone regardless of age or sex to get all the education that they can get while it is free.  At my age they say education don’t matter but it does matter because if you can’t read or write people will look at you like you are dumb or stupid.  I have worked with doctors.  I have worked with nurses.  I have saved a person’s life in a burning building.  I have saved a child’s life from choking to death.  I have worked in a nursing home and learned how to feed people with a feeding tube.  So, if you have the knowledge to do so many wonderful things without an education, you have  nothing.  So please don’t let anyone say you are dumb or stupid.  Get all the education that you can while you can. You will find it will take you to a place that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.