In June, The READ Center board of directors adopted a new mission, vision and values. The new mission is, “Changing lives through adult literacy”. It is short, to the point. It is what we do.

Our vision is, “A community in which all adults have a literate life”. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? There would be no need for The READ Center. Adults in our community would have the literacy skills they need for education, employment, civic and family responsibilities.

What prompted READ to update these defining statements? The world has changed, the needs of our students have changed and so has READ. The READ Center has worked with adults who need literacy services since 1984 – that’s 35 years. READ started by providing instruction primarily through 1:1 volunteer adult literacy tutors. Today, the majority of READ students are beginning readers (reading level 0-3) who are placed in small classes for more intensive instruction. Volunteer tutors continue to provide critical instruction and support to READ Center students in classrooms and as 1:1 tutors for students who read at or above a grade 4 level.

READ literacy instruction now includes basic math and digital skills. These are essential communication and workforce skills. You cannot truly be literate in today’s world without them. And, READ provides financial and health literacy classes and curriculum for READ Center students and the community.

Even with increased investment in education and legislation that would leave no child behind, today there are still more than 36 million adults in the United States who cannot read, write or do basic math above a third-grade level (Proliteracy). The READ Center believes that one adult in our community who cannot read, is one too many.

The READ Center continues to change, to innovate and to seek new and better ways to serve our students and the community. We seek to give students opportunities, hope, pride, confidence and self-respect and the skills they need to achieve their literacy and life goals. We believe everyone needs and deserves a literate life.

There is still much work to be done before we have a community where all adults have a literate life. The READ Center will continue to work toward this vision. We invite you to join us as volunteer tutor, supporter, advocate, or friend. Working together we can solve the problem of adult literacy in our community.

Our Values


  • We hold our students, volunteers and staff in high esteem for their unique qualities and abilities.
  • We meet our students where they are, embracing their efforts to achieve their goals and recognizing their courage in seeking help.
  • We celebrate student achievements, volunteer contributions and staff dedication. We treat everyone with dignity.


  • We welcome and embrace all cultures and identities in our community.
  • Learning is enriched when all contribute.


  • We provide a student-centered approach in teaching and apply best practices.
  • We are a community of life-long learners.


  • Our community, students, volunteers and staff, is supportive and united.
  • We create partnerships with those whose mission aligns with our own.


We treasure each gift of time and money and apply these resources for the benefit of the students we serve.