They are the titles of books READ Center students selected to read!

The READ Center’s Cary Street class has been reading the Did You Know? series by 1000 Readers. The readers are broken into short easy to read information that is reinforced with fun activities. Each reader includes a glossary, interesting facts, reading, puzzles, highlights of achievements, sequencing of important events and basic math activities.

The class has used the series to study Virginia history, civil rights leaders and sports figures. They liked the series so much Mary, their teacher, asked students to submit their requests for titles for the next reading selections. She got a long list of  suggestions. The following interesting and varied titles were chosen: writer and poet Maya Angelou, 9/11 hero Todd Beamer, Mexican American rights champion Hector P. Garcia, and heroes of wartime The Four Chaplains.

One of the READ Center’s goals this academic year has been to update The READ Center library and classroom resources with books that are reading level and content appropriate for students. As part of the process, many children’s books that were in READ’s library have been donated to nonprofits that can put them to good use. Those books are being replaced with new books purchased in classroom sets of 15 so they can be used in group lessons and with books that are about topics that interest READ students including biographies, history, current events, mysteries and more. The Cary Street students’ selections are a good example of the varied interests of READ students in what they want to read and learn about.

Thank you to all the READ Center supporters who have contributed this year and helped to provide READ students with great new resources for reading and instruction.