The Student Voice is a publication by READ Center students and for READ Center students.  It includes a collection of poems and stories written by students in their own words.  Take a look at the wonderful pieces students have put together for this summer edition.

Hard Work
By J. C.
I have been going to the Read Center for a long time. I also work full time and work for myself. It gets hard, but when I get to class, I enjoy learning. I learned about fractions, phonics, and nutrition.  

An Amazing Mother Proud of her Children
by Fatima I.
I’m proud of myself from the beginning to now. My oldest daughter graduated college and my second and third children are in the process of completing college and my last child finished middle school. She is now going to Richmond Community High School. Things for us were hard from day one, but we made it with God’s will. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria in January 1966. I am happy that I joined the reading program so I can move forward with my reading and writing. I suffered a lot, but God was good to me. I thank God for mercy upon me and my family.

My New Job
By Jasmine
I started at Goodwill on Monday March 25, 2019.  My job coach is Tamara Dykes. She checks on me at   work. I also met some new people there. Their names are Teon, Mr. Doug, Mr. OC, and Mr. Charles. I love my new job.  I clean the bathroom, wipe down tables, mop the floors, and adjust the chairs.

At 6:00 p.m. at break time I face time my mother and we have dinner together, and I talk to Waffles my dog. I love my new job so much.  I have worked there for two and a half months.