The Student Voice is a newsletter of articles, poems and stories written by READ Center students. Writing is an important part of literacy instruction. Students become better readers, writers and thinkers when reading and writing activities are woven together. Writing gives READ Center student opportunities to express their ideas, hopes, dreams, and sometimes pain and sadness.

Here is a look back at a few articles written by READ Center students that have appeared in The Student Voice over the years.

How I Survived Without Reading 
By: William Mitchell, Summer 2011

        There are several things that come to mind when I think about how I survived without reading. There are millions of people around the world who can’t read or write. I spent a lot of time pretending I could read various papers, letters, and notes. If I ever got in a tight situation, I would joke and tease my way out of the situation.  I survived by fooling others, crying, and taking one day at a time.
        For years I survived by fooling others, but I was only fooling myself. I would always take a chance at answering questions. I had the gift of gab and I could talk, joke or tease my way out of any situation. I had a lot of common sense but I was only fooling myself. Next, I spent a lot of time crying and asking the Lord to help me learn how to read. I would often get very upset and angry at myself because I wanted to be able to read and write. It was only by the grace of God that I survived this far without being able to read. One day I decided to stop crying, take charge of my life and join the reading center. I survived by taking life one day at a time. I prayed and asked the good Lord to help me but I had to help myself first. I am very happy with how things are going. By this time next year I will be reading better than last year.  In conclusion, if I can learn to read and write at my age everyone else can do the same. It doesn’t matter how young or old person is the same. I thank God every day for the programs that help us survive and live a better life by learning how to read. I survive because I will read and write anything I want before this year is out.


The Best Advice I Ever Got: “If you don’t fuel the fire it won’t burn”
By: James T.,  Fall 2012

I grew up on a farm in North Carolina.  When I was ten years old my father gave me good advice.

My mother would get up in the morning and argue with my father.  Instead of arguing, my father would take a long walk around the farm.  He would be gone all day.  I asked him why you never say anything?  He said “if you don’t fuel a fire, it won’t burn.”  I did not understand what he meant.  He told me “make a fire.”  I made a fire.  He said keep it burning but don’t put nothing on it.

I said but it will go out, and he said that’s what I meant.  What did you see when I came home?  When he returned, she would give him a big kiss.

I thank my father for what he taught me.

Hopes for tomorrow
By: Hazel, Spring 2013

My hopes for tomorrow are that I live through today. Only God holds tomorrow and I thank him for today. For all my hopes for tomorrow will soon be yesterday.

Loving One Another in Class
By: J.R.W., Spring 2014

My name is James. I love coming to class. We have the loving teacher on Earth. We as students love one another. We encourage one another when some one does well in class. We treat you with something special when you do something special out side of class. I thank the reading center for helping me learning to read better and to understand to spell words better.