In 2016 – 2017 The READ Center:

  • Served 204 students. 46 more people who needed READ services received them this year.
  • Published two Student Voices, a publication for and by READ Center students, and two READ Report Card newsletters. You can read the publications under the News tab.
  • Received 5,895 volunteer hours from tutors.  The value of these volunteer hours was $142,305.
  • Donors, individuals, businesses, foundations and civic organizations, gave more than $440,000 to support READ Center educational programs and initiatives.

This is one of the times when thank you does not seem adequate.

We are so very grateful to the more than 130 volunteers who gave their time, energy, patience, humor and expertise to READ Center students. READ volunteer tutors are an amazing group of people who personify the belief of giving back by helping those in our community who are in need. And, they do. One student at a time. Thank you.

We are grateful for the donors who support The READ Center with their charitable donations. Adult literacy is often overlooked or not considered by foundations, corporate givers or others because adults are supposed to know how to read. To those who recognized the need for, and importance of, adult literacy education in our community and gave to The READ Center, thank you. You have helped to change lives.

The READ Center staff are getting ready for the 2017-2018 academic year. It starts on September 5th. Our goal is to make this year even better year than last. With your help and support, we can do it.