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Get online prescription for provigil The drug is being sold under the brand name Provigil (mifepristone-levonorgestrel) at several U.S. online pharmacies. In addition to generic Provigil, the online pharmacy also offers Mifeprex (mifepristone-levonorgestrel) and Extended Release (mifepristone-levonorgestrel). Provigil, or Norlevo, is a "morning after pill" that prevents women from getting pregnant for a week or so by blocking the same hormone responsible for inducing ovulation, according to FDA. It's an "emerging category of drug" with "potentially important medical, surgical or reproductive benefits." The FDA has received about 150 reports of "potential serious side effects associated with Norlevo," including insomnia, nausea, blood pressure changes, heart rhythm changes and breast tenderness. When it comes to the effectiveness of a drug, "it's often the case that when a drug is found more effective it's also a drug with less risk of harmful drug interactions and has fewer side effects," said Dr. David Ramesh, director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at Nationwide Children's Hospital. A person using Provigil shouldn't "exercise more than normal, or change medication dosage, take other medications or herbal supplements that affect the drug," according to FDA. Mifeprex has the same basic mechanism as Provigil in preventing pregnancy. "It works by blocking the hormone progesterone that's released during pregnancy," Ramesh said. The drug is available in several dosage forms, such as tablets, oral syrup and inhalation. Mifeprex, which is available in "a few brands to meet the different needs of users, and is usually just a little bit stronger than Provigil," Ramesh said. Mifeprex is approved as a "morning after pill" only. "Mifegymiso is the brand name for mifepristone-levonorgestrel, a hormone-releasing-method of emergency contraceptive," Ramesh said. has "significant experience with mifepristone-levonorgestrel, including prior publications regarding the effectiveness and safety of drug used in emergency contraception." The drug's website states that after a day or two of taking mifepristone, users can expect to experience fewer menstrual cramps and a reduction in bleeding. The website also states that users can expect to experience a full menstrual cycle within 7 to 14 days, and "less often" in patients who take the drug continuously. "I understand that this is a lot of information to put on a single website," Ramesh said. "It's important for consumers to be made aware of the benefits, risks and side effects of the drug used in emergency contraception." By of the University of Wisconsin-Stout President Ray Cross said Thursday he has suspended the entire athletic department indefinitely over an issue with employee's conduct. The university took action based on what Cross called "unverified claims." Cross said he did not provide specifics Wednesday on which employees might have been involved. But he sent a four-paragraph statement, which didn't specifically name any employees. "I cannot discuss the personnel issues that have come before this administration because of confidentiality requirements," Cross wrote, adding that "this office is required by law not to comment about specific personnel matters." He said had decided to suspend the athletic department indefinitely Monday after reviewing information provided by the Office of Compliance.