I am a middle-aged woman who struggled with reading and writing for a long time.  Although I am a high school graduate, I still have trouble reading.  I did not understand how important those two things were until later in life.  When I heard about the Read Center I decided to attend.

It has been ten years and I am still attending the Read Center.  It has help me appreciate the value of reading.  Without the Read Center I don’t thing I would have been able to help my kids get through school.  I helped them with tools I’ve learned like basics of phonics, including vowels and sounding out words, breaking down long words and comprehension skills. My kids graduated in the top five of their classes.  My daughter has graduated from college with a degree in biology.  It did not stop with my own kids.  I work with my nieces and nephews too.  Two of them have now graduated from college too.

One day while working with one of my nieces she said, “How did you teach me to read and you cannot spell?”  I responded, “Some of the best readers can’t spell.”  I also said I did not want her to end up like me going through life not knowing how to read. I can now read just about anything I pick up.

While coming to the Read Center I have learned to rewrite patient information  for some of the big organizations so that the patients with reading disabilities can understand what they are reading.  I am now a classroom assistant at the Read Center.

The Read Center has been a big help to me through the years.  Without the Center, I don’t know what I would have done.