About 130 volunteer adult literacy volunteer tutors work in READ Center classrooms and as one-to-one tutors each year. We are grateful for the time and caring they give to READ students.  To recognize the importance and impact of  our tutors, The READ Center has started the “Tutor Spotlight” which shares the experiences of a READ Center tutor.  Enjoy learning about why Martha became an adult literacy tutor with The READ Center and what she has learned.

Volunteer tutors attend an orientation, have an opportunity to observe a READ class and then attend training.
“Volunteers feel we receive more than we give'” says longtime volunteer tutor Diane.

How long have you volunteered with The READ Center? I took the tutoring course in October 2014 and began tutoring just after the course – so it’s been 4 years!

What is your current volunteer role?  Since I started, I have tutored in the 11a-1p class at the Franklin Library.

What motivates you to work with READ?  I love our students – they are some of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met.  There is a core group of students with some who have come and gone – but they are so cohesive and are so helpful, caring and encouraging to one another.  What motivates me is not only the students’ needs but their dedication to come every week – some for years and years.

Do you have a favorite memory of volunteering with READ?  I just enjoy the overall camaraderie of the class – we’ve been through a few teachers, but the students continue to want to come and learn and they spread their spirit and their laughter!

If you could encourage someone else to volunteer with READ, what would you say? So many adults, in our area alone, cannot read at a level to live independently or at a level where they feel comfortable getting around on a day to day basis without help.  It’s such little time to devote and READ makes such a true impact on lives.  There are so many ways to help and the volunteers get back so much more than they give!

Thank you, Martha for all you do for The READ Center students!

Tutor orientations will be held on October 31 at 10am and November 7 at 6pm at The READ Center office. The next tutor training is scheduled for December 8. If you would like to learn more about becoming an adult literacy volunteer, please visit the Volunteer page on our website  for more information.