The Student Voice is a newsletter of articles, poems and stories written by READ Center students.  Writing gives READ Center students the opportunity to express their ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Here is a look back at a few articles written by READ Center students that have appeared in The Student Voice over the years.

Life Is All Around Us
By: Anonymous, Summer 2011

While walking through a field of flowers, strolling through the forest, playing at the beach, or driving your car in the city: all of these events are opportunities for you to observe and appreciate the beauty of life.
What makes the Earth and us so wonderful is the complexity of life. We all are different and Unique in so many ways: from our hair to our skin color, our culture to our beliefs. That’s another reason why you can observe and see life all around us.
You may think you don’t know much about life science, but you will be very surprised at how familiar you alre4ady are with life. Life is also the study of living things and their environment.
Try to think of one thing that does not involve life: it’s impossible. All aspects of our world have some connection to life.

My Dream
By: Milton T., Spring 2013

I too have a dream. It is a dream
deep in my heart that all people will
live out it true mean of it creator.I
have a dream that one day right
hear in Richmond that racism will
have no place and the people and
the people who is in power will do
their job and not let money and
power sell them out, and when
we learn about our creator we will
love our self and other. With peace
harmony and we can truly be free.

If I Could Change the World
By: Janine B., Summer 2016

My focus would be on young adults. Why? Because they are so many young ones out here that are lost. If I can show them that it is more than running the street and not going to school, getting high, having sex, then I can improve their lives. There’s a lot of single mothers and fathers out here with no time to spend with their children because they have to provide for them. Which leads to no time spent with them and that means no supervision.
I would encourage them to stay in school because education is the key to their future. With education comes knowledge and confidence that will help them build a better life. Change the future for everyone and that changes the world.

If I Could Change People
By: H. T., Winter 2017

If I could change one thing in the world I would like to change the way some people think.  I would put lots of love in people’s hearts and minds.  People are living with too much hate in their hearts now.  The world has so much more to offer everyone.  It has lots of beauty and beautiful things to do and see for people who want to take advantage of it.