Thank you are two small words, but they are packed with a great deal of gratitude and respect for our READ Center teachers. They are the ones who make READ’s mission of changing lives through adult literacy a reality through their teaching, their kindness, and their dedication to READ students.

Nothing has tested teachers’ skills and creativity like the sudden end to the academic year. While colleges, universities and local school divisions moved most instruction online, that was not an option for READ. Most of our students do not have the literacy skills or digital skills to work online. They also lack access to computers and the internet.

READ teachers have not been deterred by these barriers. Educational materials are mailed out weekly to students including the lessons that READ teachers have developed. READ teachers communicate with their tutors and students at least twice weekly and often daily, to make sure everyone has what they need. While classes stopped meeting in person, our teachers have not stopped helping READ students achieve their literacy goals.

READ teachers have also not stopped assisting students in their life goals. Some of our students have lost their jobs or had their work hours reduced. READ teachers are making sure students know how to access the resources they need to get through the current crisis and are helping them to do so. Some READ students have had to stop out due to job loss, health, stress, childcare, family needs and more. READ teachers continue to stay in contact and have assured students they have a spot in class in September.

READ teachers have remained a constant and caring resource in our students lives through a difficult time. A difficult time if you are literate, an even more difficult time if you are not.

This week we recognize and thank The READ Center Teachers – Carolyn, Daphne, Don, Janet, Leslie, and Mary. Thank you for being great teachers and for going the extra mile for READ students. Thank you for your kindness, caring, dedication and compassion. Thank you for being there when you are needed most. Thank you for all you do!

READ Center students, tutors, Board of Directors and fellow READ staff