Who’s excited to go back to school?

Like most students in the area, READ Center learners will begin classes on September 5. However, that is where the similarities to other students ends. What is different about READ Center students?

READ Center Students Statistics

We associate learning to read and write with early childhood, but for many it remains a life long battle. Our students come to READ voluntarily to improve their literacy skills and their lives. Without these skills, adults struggle to take part in the world around them and fail to reach their full potential as parents, community members, and employees. Literacy is essential to a better education, better employment, better housing, better health and a better life. READ provides a welcoming learning environment for students to improve their reading, writing, problem-solving, communication, and digital skills.

The READ Center is working to stop the cycle of low-literacy. As children and grandchildren return to school, their parents and grandparents are returning to READ classes. 

On September 5, READ Center classes will begin. You can help!

The READ Center believes everyone deserves a literate life. As Richmond goes back to school, please don’t forget that there are adults in our community who need your help.